Dallas Theatergoer Says, Shen Yun ‘Hit My Heart’

January 30, 2017

“Oh my gosh it’s so unique! So extraordinary. The costumes were the ones that really attracted me and it’s [classical Chinese dance] at its highest form.”

“[Spirituality] It’s actually getting into your feelings and deeper. And that we’re all just mortals. As what the show had said that we all came from heaven and that we would go to heaven empty handed so that it is more important to be compassionate, to be good, to do good so that some day when we go back to heaven then we are just as pure and clean as when we came here on this earth. I hope someday heaven would open their gates and say that we had done a good job.”

“Everything was actually emotional—that actually hit my heart, because it made me sad that this couldn’t be shown in China. How lucky we all are that we live in America where there’s freedom of expression that the dancers were able to express—all those feelings of being compassionate they were able to transform and send to the audience and we all felt it.”

“I would thank the [artists]. I would thank them from the bottom of my heart to be able to express what they are doing even though we won’t be able to understand the language, their culture the way they express their feelings into dancing and movements that is very hard, extraordinary and remarkable in more ways than one—we feel them.”