Dad Films Mom With Her Quadruplets

BY Epoch Newsroom TIMEApril 1, 2016 PRINT

The Gardners tried for eight years to have a child, but still mom Ashley didn’t get pregnant.

“It’s really heartbreaking when you can’t get there,” she told Fox13. “I’ve always wanted to just be a mom.”

The Utah parents finally turned to IVF, and were pleasantly surprised when their doctor informed them Ashley was expecting quadruplets.

“That was the happiest day. It was a different kind of happy. I was shocked,” Ashley’s husband Tyson said.

The two sets of identical twin girls–Indie and Esme, and Scarlett and Evangeline–are quite the handful, but the parents feel they’re blessed to be raising them. 

Because of having so many children at the same time, the parents have had to learn how to do things pretty quickly. In the video–which has gone viral–dad films mom changing the diapers.

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