Dad-Daughter’s ‘First Date’ Draws Negativity, but Then It Goes Viral With Million Views

May 21, 2019 Updated: May 26, 2019

A father who took his 3-year-old daughter on a daddy-daughter date, as shown in a video uploaded to YouTube, says he “felt a bit sorry” for those critics who labeled it “creepy” and “nauseating.” Despite these labels, the negative voices were well and truly drowned out by the overwhelming tide of positive feedback.

In 2014, Aaron Dickson, who was 27 at the time, together with his sweet 3-year-old daughter, Analynne, featured in a paid commercial for a now-defunct insurance company.

Posted by Aaron Dickson "The Best First Date" on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The video, depicting their “best first date” together, sends such a positive message that the video’s director wanted to make sure this video stayed online for people to enjoy. So far, the video has been viewed in excess of 15 million times.

And thus the date begins!

Looking dapper in a smart suit and tie, and in anticipation for this first date, Aaron is obviously feeling very upbeat. He admits he’s a little nervous though.

When he’s ready, he steps outside and closes the front door.

Aaron turns around, walks back up to the door, and rings the doorbell. Lo and behold, look who opens the door!

A smiling little princesses, whose radiant face beams with joy. She is all too excited to meet dad.

And thus their daddy-daughter date begins!

Posted by Aaron Dickson "The Best First Date" on Saturday, August 27, 2016

In the backyard, Analynne is served a cool beverage by her gentleman-like father, who, according to one reader on MailOnline, is helping his daughter “to understand the true meaning of respect, love and dignity.”

“When the daughter is grown up she will understand how to behave as a woman, know the values of respect and herself as a person and also what to expect in a respectable man.”

The two munch on strawberries and peanut butter sandwiches. It’s a special evening, formal, and delightfully sweet.

Posted by Aaron Dickson "The Best First Date" on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aaron never expected the video of his daddy-daughter date, something so natural and pure, would draw cynicism.

“I think people have a problem with the word ‘date,’” he said, reports MailOnline. “All it means is time with my child, it is unfortunate that people viewed it that way.”

“My dad would take my older sister on daddy-daughter dates and I was just emulating what I had seen growing up, it was natural. We just have a strong family bond.”

Daddy daughter dance night!!!

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Impressed by the video, The Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation invited Aaron to Australia. The charity organization covered his travel expenses so he could help promote Father’s Day in the land Down Under.

Posted by Aaron Dickson "The Best First Date" on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Due to the popularity of the video, in addition to the positive message of embracing kinship, Aaron says “we will be making more of these videos.” He adds that his daughter loves the camera.

In many cases, a girl looks up to her father. He is her hero and there is nothing she wouldn’t do to please him. Isn’t the bond between a dad and his baby girl priceless beyond comparison?

Watch the “best first date” below: