Dad Creates Tiny VW Camper Van From Mobility Scooter

May 15, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

It is a heartwarming video that showcases the love between a father and son, and the power of a little technical skill. Watch as a child’s mobility scooter is remodeled as a tiny Volkswagen camper van.

In the video, the Volkswagen camper van’s body is complete around the mobility scooter’s body. Complete with green and white paint, windows, a gas cap, and wheels, it looks to be a true miniature model of a Volkswagen camper van. Inside sit the father and son, peeling down a driveway and driving off into the street with smiles across their faces and laughter in the air.

The video has warmed the hearts of viewers around the world. Many have commented on the joyous expressions on the faces of dad and son, and the laughter and smiles being emitted as they drive down the street. The modified Volkswagen camper van turns a standard mobility scooter into a fun, child-friendly tool while maintaining its purpose. You just have to watch this video for yourself. You will be struck by the handiwork of dad’s craft during the remodel, and of the joy it brings to both son and father.

Video Credit: Caters News