George Hosking OBE: Shen Yun Uplifts in a Way That Is Moving and Wonderful

February 18, 2018

“[It was] fabulous, really fabulous. The movement is just unbelievable and so graceful, and the timing is perfect. How they do it, I don’t know! It must take a great deal of practice.”

“I loved the philosophy [of Falun Gong], the truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. These are all wonderful qualities and to see it expressed in art is quite an experience. I really see the way the art, the movements of the people, the interactions with each other also express these qualities in a very sensitive and tender way—it’s just wonderful to watch.”

“So often in life we’re dealing all the time with things that are happening which are not very joyful, that are very sad or that involve people suffering pain or loss in a way that is very depressing but is of course part of life. People need strength to uplift them to deal with these things.

“This evening was an example of something which can provide that inner strength that uplifts in a way which I find very moving and very wonderful.”

“I would like to thank the participants, the actors, the actresses, those who created the show, for making something so wonderful for everyone to share.”

“I find the music extremely melodious, extremely affecting as one was listening to it. One sensed the combination of tradition which has lasted for thousands of years and yet is still relevant today. It’s wonderful to see that not having been lost.”

“I feel uplifted by the whole experience; it was quite special, quite wonderful.”