Co-Worker Holiday Gift Guide: Show Your Work Family Some Love

It’s that time of year, so we’ve collected some thoughtful suggestions for the annual office holiday gift exchange
BY Bill Lindsey TIMENovember 23, 2022 PRINT

Gift-giving is easy when you take a moment to match the gift to the recipient. This selection should cover most of your co-workers.

Bellroy Desk Caddy 2
(Courtesy of Bellroy)

For the Frequent Flyer

Bellroy Desk Caddy


Ideal for the co-worker who’s constantly on the go, this caddy organizes phone and laptop cables or chargers so that they’re easy to retrieve when needed, such as during a flight. Inside, the large main area can hold frequently needed gear, pouches can hold a mouse and cables, and a separate section exists for personal items.

Tiny Arcade
(Courtesy of Retroactives)

Fun-Sized Action

Tiny Arcade


Few offices have arcade games, but this one fits in a desk drawer and delivers all the sound and action of the real thing. Available with Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and other classic games, it’s a great gift for the co-worker who likes to spice up their breaks with a bit of hand-eye-coordinated excitement.

(Courtesy of Cosori)

No More Cold Coffee

Cosori Original Automatic Coffee Warmer


There’s nothing worse for a coffee or tea fan than to sit down at their desk with a fresh, hot mug and then have the phone ring or the boss call them into a spontaneous meeting. When the call ends or they return to their desk, the beverage is cold. To counter such a scenario, this practical device keeps the contents at a preferred temperature from 77 to 194 degrees F.

Snailex Neck & Shoulder Massager
(Courtesy of Snailax)

Magic Fingers

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager With Heat


Every office has that one stressed-out co-worker who really needs a neck massage. But because HR frowns on staff touching each other, here’s a better solution. It delivers soothing heat and a gentle massaging motion to relax the neck and shoulders; best of all, it works while they work, keeping the boss happy.

Homesick Candles
(Courtesy of Homesick Candles)

The Scent of Home

Homesick Candles


These unique candles are infused with scents that evoke fond memories of home or a tranquil setting, such as a seaside cottage, making them a perfect gift for the co-worker who moved from Santa Monica or Boston. Scents representing most major cities are available. No, New York isn’t taxi-cab-scented!

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