Couple adopts a Chinese baby girl with piercing ‘silver eyes’ for a touching reason

December 26, 2018 Updated: December 27, 2018

It is not unusual to hear people feeling sorry for couples who adopt children with disabilities. However, one couple doesn’t think that others should feel this way, and they share their reason for adopting a little girl who is blind.

In 2015, Eryn and Chris Austin, already parents to two children, decided to adopt a little girl from China after seeing her photo on a Facebook adoption advocacy group page.

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Eryn and Chris Austin 发布于 2017年1月26日周四

“The photo showed her as an infant, her eyes the most piercing silver/blue–and the description included her diagnosis, blindness from congenital glaucoma,” Eryn wrote on Blind New World.

When Eryn saw the girl’s eyes, she knew there was something different about her, and something inside of Eryn wanted this child to be a part of the family.

“When I saw the picture on Facebook, I don’t understand why, I don’t have any explanation. But when I look at her eyes, I see everything about her that brought us together,” Eryn said in a video uploaded to YouTube by “Special Books by Special Kids.”

Eryn and Chris Austin 发布于 2016年12月2日周五

“When it comes to adoption there’s something that pulls on the heartstrings that is really hard to explain,” Chris added. “Some people can explain it spiritually and say that God is telling them that this is their daughter or their son. And some people just have this gut feeling that they’re theirs.”

The couple adopted the little girl, later named Primrose, in January 2016.

While the family is quite happy, they often encounter people who say “I’m sorry to hear that” upon learning that Primrose is blind.

“There’s nothing scary about blindness, there’s nothing to apologize about,” Chris said.

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Eryn and Chris Austin 发布于 2016年12月9日周五

Apart from hearing the word “sorry,” the couple are often asked why they adopted Primrose knowing she had a disability.

The answer the couple gives is simple and straightforward: “Why wouldn’t we?”

“She is brilliant, even with her developmental delays, even with a genetic puzzle we are still piecing together,” Eryn wrote.

“She is everything anyone could ever want in a child. Loving, affectionate, curious, precocious, joyful—and our family simply would be incomplete without her.”

Watch the video below:


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