Costume Designer: Shen Yun’s Costume Design Provides Lots of Design Ideas

February 9, 2014 Updated: February 11, 2014

KOBE, Japan—The last 2014 Shen Yun Performing Arts’ performance, in Japan,  was staged at Kobe International Hall on the afternoon of Feb. 6. The performance received applause from the enthusiastic Kansai audience, who refused to leave the auditorium until Shen Yun artists made another curtain call.

Mr. Toshiaki Ido, who runs a business in costume design and manufacturing, attended the performance.

During the intermission, Mr. Ido accepted an interview and talked about his observations. He said that he cherished his luck to see such an exquisite performance, and that the artistic presentation was like a course on the evolution of history.

He described, “All the artists have been professionally trained. Their dancing skills are marvelous. They have almost identical figure and height, making the scene extraordinary beautiful.”

He added, “Their dances on the stage adopt classical Chinese dancing showing traditional history. In significant contrast, the dynamic backdrop adopts a modern high-technology solution. Such a technique is really amazing experience to me.”

He further elaborated impressions about specific programs, saying “All of the programs in the first half of the show are perfect. The scene of the Manchurian Grace, the impression still hovers in my mind.”

“The program Ne zha Churns the Sea is also very interesting. I heard Ne zha’s story in the past, but I did not know the details precisely. The program today allows me to understand the secrecy of his background. It is truly fabulous!”

The live musical accompaniment also impressed Mr. Ido. He said, “The precision of timing control is very demanding as the music must coordinate well with dancing artists’ movement. The rhythm and pace of the music shouldn’t interfere with the contexts of Chinese tradition. Working with the confinement of these factors, Shen Yun orchestra has been terrific and successful in mingling modern elements.”

Knowing that Shen Yun couldn’t be staged in China, Mr. Ido demonstrated sadness. “It is very regretful to know people in China can’t see such an outstanding performance. In Japan, we can watch presentations of our own traditional arts whenever we want to.”

As a professional who devotes himself to female costume design and manufacturing, Mr. Ido showed great interest in Shen Yun’s costume. He said, “The classical costumes used in the performance provided me with a lot of design ideas.”

At the end of the interview, Mr. Ido said that he would share with friends his impression of Shen Yun and help promote the show in Japan.

Shen Yun’s Beauty Is beyond Human World

Mr. Nakagawas, a cartographer, seized the precious opportunity of seeing Shen Yun’s last performance in Japan. The Nakagawas decided to see Shen Yun the moment they saw the picture of its advertisement. Afterwards, they were excited and grateful for the experience.

The family praised Shen Yun’s spectacular beauty. “I wonder how it could be so beautiful … as if it’s beauty beyond what mankind could express!” Mrs. Nakagawa exclaimed.

“The long, silken sleeves of the female performers are so beautiful! I was thinking how it could be so magnificent. It doesn’t seem to be the beauty of the human world!” their daughter said.

Mr. Nakagawa concluded that Shen Yun’s performance as indescribably powerful. It’s full of dramatic effects. He especially enjoyed the dance in Manchurian Grace, where the dancers glided with elegance and ease.

Furthermore, Mr. Nakagawa noticed the figures of the actors: they were slender, but exhibited strength and agility. He agreed that the performers must have received rigorous training and practiced intensively to be capable of displaying such perfection.

Mr. Nakagawa felt it was a pity when he found that such a magnificent show is prohibited in China. He said, “I cannot understand why Shen Yun is banned in China.”

Mrs. Nakagawa hopes everyone will cherish Shen Yun’s wonderful performance.

The Nakagawas further complimented the perfect combination of the animated backdrop and stage actors, which brought the audience into the story. “It was an excellent arrangement! Actors leap into and out of the backdrop—a technique which leaves spectators in awe. The animated backdrop is just amazing!” he said.

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Reporting by Lu Yong, Leo Chen and Lauren Lane

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