Continue To Share This Art Form With the World, Says Former Dance Teacher

April 8, 2017

“It’s been beyond our expectation. Everything we’ve seen so far has been incredible and beautiful. The dance style and the costumery is incredible. The skill level is far surpassing what we thought. As ex-dancers ourselves, it’s unbelievable.” 

“It’s dance. It’s music. It’s theater. It’s acting. It’s a storyline. It’s a little bit of a play. It’s a little bit of everything.”

“The “Tibetan Drums” dance was beautiful. That was incredible. That adds the musicality to it, while they are keeping tempo and dancing, and moving, and the men are amazing dancers, too. We thoroughly are enjoying it.”

“I wish I had a dance team that had one-tenth of the talent these women had. It’s unbelievable. I watch the feet, and I watch the legs, and I watch the extension, and every movement they do; they finish each line, and the poise that they carry throughout. 

“And like our cheerleader (Tera) said, ‘They make the tumbling look effortless.’ She asked, ‘How do they do folds and layouts like that Noni, and you can’t even hear them land?’ It’s a true talent and an art form that far surpasses any of our American styles of dance.”

“The fact that it survived all of those centuries – that’s what’s so amazing. They make sure that they pass them on, and the lineage stays pure, so other people can understand what it is they believe and where they come from, and it’s absolutely fantastic.”

“They wouldn’t be out there doing that every night if they didn’t believe in it. You can’t give a performance like that unless you believe it wholeheartedly. You have to have a reason to want to perform at that level every night and show the audience what you’re giving them. They’re giving us their culture.” 

“You could read it in a book, but this is far beyond what any book could ever explain to you because the color, and the pageantry, and their technique, and their style, and their grace are incredible.”

“Please, please, when you are done with it, pass it onto someone else so we never lose this art form. Hang onto that, and continue to share it with the world because it is beautiful.” 

“That is a crime in itself [that Shen Yun cannot perform in China]. That’s the worst crime that could be because this is theirs, and they don’t even get to share it with their own people. I’m grateful we get to see it, but it breaks my heart that they can’t take it back home and share it. I’m sure some of them left there just to perform, and now they can’t go back (tearing up). It’s heartbreaking, but I’m so grateful tonight that we were able to experience this. It’s a wonderful evening with my daughter and granddaughters.”