Contestants D-A-B-B-I-N-G During the Spelling Bee

By Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot
May 27, 2016 Updated: May 27, 2016

ESPN captured spelling bee contestants from Scripps National Spelling Bee in Harbor, Md., “dabbing” after their answers on the night of May 25—as if on cue, the children in the crowd immediately follow suit. 

“Dab,” ESPN wrote on its Vine, as contestants performed to move after correctly spelling a word such as, “nominal” and “condignly.” 

The Dab is a dance move said to have originated in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, which some hip-hop artists have contested.

The dancer drops his or her head while raising an arm and elbow in the air—both pointing to the same direction—in a gesture as if he or she is sneezing.   

“The dance is pretty simple; one leans in to their elbow like they’re sneezing,” according to a sports illustrated article.

There were two winners from the spelling bee: 11-year-old Nihar Janga and 13-year-old Jairam Hathwar.  

Now, dab to that. 

Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot