Consultant Appreciates the Lyrics Sung by Shen Yun’s Soprano

April 13, 2018

“It is really interesting to see the progression of different periods.”

“It is awesome. I like watching the way people can move their bodies. I practice yoga so I can appreciate the strength, the amount of body control that it takes to be able to move your body [and] manipulate your body, and especially the grace it takes.”

“[I] can definitely see and feel the energy and the culture as it goes through the progression of the time frame.”

“When she [the soprano] was singing, that was cool, … the integrity behind the words, regardless of the culture that you are in, I feel like it is powerful. It is true regardless of where you are. It is like we are all blind sheep to what it is really actually meaningful and important in life. And I feel that is what the message was.”