Congressional Voting Regulations

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
December 5, 2021 Updated: December 5, 2021

Presently, our citizens are witnessing Congress trying to pass a 2,400-page, multitrillion-dollar bill. There is no way that every voting congressional member has read and understands everything that is in that bill. In order to vote on any legislation, the congressional voters should have to pass a test indicating that they know and understand what is in that particular bill. The first day Biden was in office, I viewed on TV his signing of 17 executive orders, everyone rescinding something Trump had created. I said to myself that there was no way that he had read or understood everything he was signing. I did understand that every one of those orders was rescinding something that was created under President Trump’s tenure.

Our country is in serious trouble under the leadership of this present Congress and president. Our public needs to understand this and change our government leadership.


Harry Winkler