Compassion Comes Through at Shen Yun, Retired College President Says

March 25, 2018

“We enjoy it immensely.”

“It was very well choreographed. The costumes were beautiful. The whole theme of it—the suggestion, evil being overcome by good—that’s what I would take away as the most important thing for us to remember, and to be part of those who help the good to succeed and the evil to fail.”

“[The dancers] were just incredible—their moves, their acrobatics, their unity. The choreography was just remarkable in its beauty, in its variety.”

“I have been to other performances that I thought were good, but I just so enjoyed this one—the compassion that came through. Usually, performers are primarily drawing attention to themselves, but this was drawing attention to the entire group, saying we are in this together.”

“I thought there was excellent communication between the audience and the stage … the kind of energy that says they believed in what they were doing. It was quite remarkable to see that expressed.”

“I think [Shen Yun] gives an appreciation for the culture, for its depth, for its longevity. I think all of those things contribute to international understanding.”