Company Director Feels Shen Yun Brings Universal Truths

March 26, 2017

“In an afternoon, [Shen Yun gives us] the history of Chinese culture. That’s dancing, singing, comedy, some martial arts, all the actions. It was really, really nice.”

“Having done martial arts, … these people here are extremely fit. A lot of the movements are really elaborate and really hard to do. They did it so gracefully, they put their soul and spirit into that dancing. It was really, really nice watching. In fact at some points I could pretty much feel my hair stand on end just watching them do what they were doing.”

“If you sort of understand the dance and the movement they do, there’s a lot of history, there’s a lot of meaning, there’s a team behind it. So it wasn’t just a movement, you got to be in their spirit. So it’s fantastic to be thrown and drawn into what they are doing. You are just like … you’re just not watching a show, you’re part of the show.”

“I think I was sort of immersing myself into it, getting into the spirit of the whole thing.”

“One could still empathise with the spirit, what it’s all about. The show had truth, compassion in it, and I think that’s the kind of spirit that can be broadcast to the whole world. Something we could all practice, the idea of truth and compassion.”

“I think the whole idea of the whole thing about [Shen Yun], even though it’s about the divine, I think it’s talking about universal truths. So all of us could be living in the one humanity like they say, one humanity under one heaven or one cloud so we are one mankind, we are one humanity.”