Commercial Director Says Shen Yun Catches and Touches Your Heart

April 23, 2017

“We see incredible artists, dancing and the technical screen coming to the people, this is amazing. The music and everything is very nice, we never saw something like this before. … It catches, touches your heart.”

“[I felt] first surprise, second grateful, because we feel that this is something that you can’t imagine. We never saw a show like this, this is the first time. … We like it very much.”

“For me it [traditional culture] was incredible. … We admire the Chinese culture, its a long 5000 years of culture. We are only 400 years so we have a lot to learn from the Chinese culture.”

“The dancers are beautiful. All the groups of dancers are magnificent, looks perfect and [it’s] really nice. They look very professional, very trained, it’s incredible. The [digital] screen coming through the people is incredible, incredible. It’s like you are inside [the performance].”

“I would describe it as something that they [friends] need to see.”