Come to New Island—a Paradise in the Making

December 29, 2013 Updated: December 29, 2013

New Island is a fictitious island created in the Indian Ocean, west of Australia, where the inhabitants, the “New Islanders,” build their homes above the crashing waves. The allure of the ocean and the endless array of bluffs and sandy beaches make the island a paradise for a dreamer to get lost in.

The Commonwealth of New Island is the creation of Lee Mothes, an artist who describes himself as an artist-in-residence (of sorts) on the island. His pictures illustrate the island’s vast and varied landscape.

There is no overall theme to the island. It is, in short, a world created through paintings, drawings, sketches, and maps. 

Lee Mothes described his project as “a place where you can take from it what you want.” He offers land for sale on this made-up island. 

“For those who would like to own 20 acres on New Island, I am offering several levels of opportunity to do so.” he wrote on his Kickstarter page for the project. “The site you claim will be recorded in the New Island archives, and will be yours until you sell it or give it away.”


‘The New Island Guidebook’

Detailing the geography, the inhabitants, their history, the flora and fauna, and everything else you’d like to know about the island, “The New Island Guidebook” offers as a travelogue. It gets you in the mood to explore, and every turn of the page reveals depth and insight into an intriguing artistic endeavor.

The guide has a detailed history of the natives and their government. Shipping routes bring goods to and fro, and tourists flock to the many laid-back towns along the coastline to escape to a simpler, and often more idealistic, view of humanity.

Commerce and money on the island is only a means to an end. The many descriptions detailing the islanders’ way of life suggest that life is simply for living.

Lee handed me some postcards he’d made up for the island. These come from his acrylic and watercolor paintings: beautiful landscapes from the northern Sheffield desert down to Victoria Harbor.

For a commission, Lee will paint your idyllic dream-house on the island with your own deed and story.

He can draw up plans for a house with wide open windows to take in the view of Silver Bay. You can ask for peonies along a walk down to the water’s edge so you can take in their spring fragrance. You can become part of the story—just come to the island.

Residences of the island can be found on his website, See a video of Mothe’s concept by clicking here.

Lee Mothes works out of his studio, ‘Oceans and Dreams,’ in Kaukauna, WI.