College Professor: Shen Yun Is a ‘Fantastic Program That Resonates With Americans’

January 4, 2018

“It was fantastic dancing, music, and orchestra. I think what was important was trying to understand the cultural history, including what the message was relating to current issues. … I saw the words of the song that the man was singing and I feel that they are trying to tell us something important. I don’t fully understand it but I feel something. There’s an important message about China’s society that they want us to know.”

“The history is very rich, the culture. … There are a lot of character traits in Chinese history that could help our country a lot because our country is much younger. … In this country we’ve also gotten away from our roots so there are certain characteristics of good compassion, hard work, virtue, devotion, faithfulness, all these things I feel that are sometimes lost in society when people are just searching for instant gratification and materialism. So I feel they were trying to point us to something that maybe in China, some groups are reaching out for something greater, but then I think the government was trying to suppress it, and so that’s very sad and we need to pray for the Chinese people and try to understand better what they’re suffering.”

“Artistically, it’s very beautiful and the music matched the dancing just so fantastically.”

“It was very fascinating for me to watch the ethnic dance, the noise of the jewelry and the way they moved. I enjoyed it. Of course it seemed very different, distinct from all the other performances so there’s something unique with the cultures and I guess within China, there’s so many subregions.”

“Humor, it was sprinkled throughout the performance, which I think was appropriate, both with the MCs and the performances.”

“The amount of work that goes into this kind of performance… Just tell the director and the conductor and everyone that’s involved in making it happen that it’s a fantastic program that resonates with Americans and I think that the message that the Chinese are learning is just as important for Americans to hear. I think that we ourselves in our country, need to get back to our roots and so this is pointing us in the right direction.”

“Well it was interesting, the progression. At the beginning it was very stunning and it was very visually appealing and then as you went further, they gave some lighter moments but at the end it got serious in terms of the message. It’s making me reflect a little bit about that not everybody lives in America. We have a lot of freedoms. When the guy said that you couldn’t actually show that scene about Falun Dafa… That definitely hit home and so we have a lot of freedoms here that we take for granted. We have to figure out how is it that we can support people in countries where they may not have the freedoms we have and there are many ways. There are practical ways and spiritual ways and they need to come together. I feel like in the show here, they are yearning for something greater in life. The materialism doesn’t satisfy, doesn’t fulfill our real purpose. Anyway, that takeaway was for me to reflect how I can help people that aren’t quite in this situation that we are here.”