College Director Feels Divine Power Behind Shen Yun

April 22, 2018

“It was breathtaking, and I really enjoyed learning about the different dances and different ethnicities that are in China, so I was very grateful to be here. I’m very grateful to have my students experience it as well. We brought eight students.”

“The dancers are elegant, beautiful, and graceful. It was amazing, I didn’t know that people could dance so well. I’ve been to ballet before, but it was very different from that. It was very elegant in a different way.”

“The music definitely made me feel serene and peaceful, and that was very different. Also, the colors were just fascinating. The bright colors and the fluid movement, and also the acrobatics, the gymnastics. That is something you don’t see in traditional ballet. So it was beautiful.”

“It was peaceful and serene, so I would consider it divine energy. It was lovely. I felt kind of taken to a different place spiritually, so it was very nice. I enjoyed it.”

“I definitely think there’s divine power behind it, and you felt it in the movements. It’s fluid. I mean it’s celestial. It was very celestial and ethereal, because the movements were such that you don’t expect normal, everyday people to be able to communicate that through their body alone.”

“[The message I felt was that] we are supposed to do the best we can while we’re here, and treat people well.”

“I think the insights that I gained into the culture is, just from the precision of the dancing, there is a want for everything to be in alignment and beautiful, and the tradition of color. I think when you put that much color, and it pops like that, you’re really touching what makes us unique and brilliant.”

“Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and definitely something I would like to do again, and I’m really glad that my son had the idea that this is something we should do.”