Clumsy Puppy Gets Stuck in a Hole He Dug Himself and Becomes Internet Famous

January 22, 2018 Updated: September 26, 2019

A clumsy puppy got stuck in a hole he dug for himself and has become internet famous as result.

Ten-month-old Cooper dug the hole over a period of weeks and made it so big he fell into it and couldn’t get out.

Paige Siegel, 23, from Maryland, took pictures of the confused dog, posting them to her Twitter account on Jan. 16.

She told the Daily Mail that the dog is known for being clumsy.

Siegel said, “When he realized he couldn’t get out he looked so confused and started to fall backwards. It was hilarious.

“He likes to dig holes but this was much bigger than the holes he usually digs.

“He had been working on it for a few weeks. Someone had to pull him out—it was a bit of a struggle.

“He is definitely very clumsy. It is funny when he ends up in these situations because it’s just like, ‘Oh okay, of course it was you.’

“We have four dogs but him and his brother are the goofy ones,” Siegel said. “His brother got out of the hole but he just stayed there looking all confused and sad.”

The dog was stuck in the hole for a few minutes in July 2017 but Siegel only posted the pictures in January this year.

She added, “I didn’t expect it to get so much attention. He’s getting a little bit of fame. This is crazy.

“Everyone is really excited about it. It is really funny. People have been sending him so much love.

“People are sending in pictures of their dogs. Nobody has been mean which is amazing for Twitter. People just love dogs and that’s awesome.”


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