Clinique La Prairie, a Luxury Wellness Oasis in Switzerland

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Clinique La Prairie, headquartered in Montreux, Switzerland, with locations in Madrid, Shanghai, and Bangkok, offers top notch longevity, medical, well-being, and beauty offerings that brings serenity and anti-aging to the body. For 90 years it has embraced a holistic medical approach to health and garnered a worldwide reputation that keeps visitors coming.

At Clinique La Prairie, we believe that our health is our true wealth, which is why we place high importance on helping clients keep their internal defenses strong by rebuilding immunity to ultimately support overall longevity. There are many things that we need for a long and healthy life. Good nutrition, mental wellness, regular physical activity, low stress levels, good sleep, and appropriate medical treatments are all essential,” says CEO Simone Gibertoni.

Once guests arrive at reception, a staff member asks them about any dietary restrictions and allergic reactions. This is also where the schedule is given for the day. Or if guests prefer, they can download the Clinique La Prairie app and access their daily itinerary there. They are then shown to their rooms for unwinding and relaxation before their tailored program starts.

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Each visitor’s program is based on Clinique La Prairie’s four pillars: movement, medical insight, wellbeing, and nutrition. Whatever your program, the approach is holistic. The goal is to boost immunity while slowing down the aging process. Stays are normally at a one-week minimum, and specialists work to enhance mental and physical health by fortifying the body and mind. Meals in the dining room are tailored to each person, and the hospitable wait staff members are familiar with each person’s allergies, personal likes, and dislikes as far as food and dining preferences—and take the time to laugh, talk, and get to know their guests.

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(Courtesy of Clinique La Prairie)
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Beetroot flower with hazelnut and quince juice. (Courtesy of Clinique La Prairie)

“It’s obvious that the pandemic has really made our health a priority, making it more important than ever to innovate and push the boundaries of medicine and science,” says Gibertoni. “Our clients are looking for highly personalized, evidence-based, preventive journey that combines the health of the body with the wellbeing of the mind.”

Our Longevity Method is based on a holistic and preventive approach that targets all these essential elements. We have integrated DNA testing into our signature programs since 2018 and are now taking a particular interest in research on microbiota, senescent cells, and their markers, among other aspects of life science and biology. This is in an effort to determine how they can be used to promote longevity, as we continue to be at the forefront of health, prevention therapies, and nutritional science,” continues Gibertoni.

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A hotel suite. (Courtesy of Clinique La Prairie)

Dr. Paul Niehans developed cellular therapy in 1931 in Montreux, at the site where the clinic sits today. By 1950 Niehans was on to findings that caught the attention of those in science and medicine around the world, and subsequently brought exclusive guests including aristocrats, world leaders, athletes, artists, and celebrities. But it was Pope Pius XII’s treatment visit in 1954 that put the clinic on the map. Seven years later Niehans published the book, “La Thérapeutique Cellulaire” on his groundbreaking findings. In 1991 the medical center was built, followed in 2005 by a 48,437-square-foot facility that includes an indoor pool, spa area, and restaurant. Three years ago, the clinic created specialized programs including detox, weight management, and sleep therapy.

The spa makes use of Swiss Perfection cosmetics in the spa for facials and other skin treatments. An array of treatments, in addition to different types of massage, are available including temperature therapies such as cryotherapy, which bring intense healing from sports activities. Photo-stimulation, hydrotherapy, ice-bathing, and advanced infrared therapy are also used.

The Madrid facility focuses on longevity and aesthetics, including facials procedures, weight loss consulting, and nutrition.

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