CIO Enjoys Seeing the Various Time Periods in Chinese History at Shen Yun

May 9, 2018

“I love the integration of the screen [digital backdrop] … interfacing with the physical stage and the performers. That was very interesting to see and experience—my daughter thought it was fantastic as well.”

“I loved how it went from various time periods jumped into the present and seeing the different styles of dance.”

“I think it [the message] came through very strongly, and the energy put forward by the performers. It was an excellent message—a message of hope.”

“I thought the vocal performances and the songs were fantastic. … And then I forget the instrument [the erhu], but it was a beautiful instrument—I have never heard that before. It was just lovely.”

“I thought [the lyrics] were powerful, in that, the message of where we come from, ultimately where we, hopefully going back to—it is a place of beauty in heaven.”