Cinco de Mayo Jokes and Ecards

BY Kristina Skorbach TIMEMay 5, 2014 PRINT

Cinco de Mayo is the Spanish national holiday in Mexico that celebrates the defeat of French forces of Napoleon III by the Mexican military in 1862, which is known as the Battle of Puebla. “Fifth of May” is celebrated in Mexico, especially in Puebla, with parades, speeches by dignitaries, with some cities hosting reenactments of the battle. 

Here are some ECards and other jokes created in honor of the day. - Cinco de Mayo is when Mexicans celebrate winning a battle over the French. Is that really worth celebrating? I mean...who hasn't beaten the French? - Cinco de Mayo. Another excuse for white people to drink. Like we need one. - The only downside to Cinco de Mayo is Seis de Hangover... - I only celebrate Cinco de Mayo so I can get drunk enough to forget yesterday's non-stop


Kristina Skorbach is a Canadian correspondent based in New York City covering entertainment news.
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