Chinese Pianist Moved by Erhu and Flute

December 26, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015
Chinese pianist Ms. Yu at the Divine Performing Arts' debut performance in Cincinnati. (Zhichen/Epoch Times)
Chinese pianist Ms. Yu at the Divine Performing Arts' debut performance in Cincinnati. (Zhichen/Epoch Times)

CINCINNATI-The historic Cincinnati Music Hall's elegant setting is just the place to come and enjoy Divine Performing Arts. The DPA presents an astonishingly lovely show which reintroduces the true culture of China.

Ms. Yu has a musical background. She plays piano as part of a choir, and works in the computer field. She talked about her experience of the DPA show.

Ms. Yu said The Five Millennia Begin was her favorite performance, "It’s at the beginning, the costumes' colors are really beautiful. It has a lot of people beating the drums. It’s not the one with the men with the small drums, it’s the first one. It is very synchronized and appears very grand."

The moment The Five Millennia Begin started, Ms. Yu was charmed. "I liked it from the start."

She said everyone danced "very well and the costumes are very good, especially the one with the loose sleeves. [Flowing Sleeves]."

Ms. Yu always brings binoculars to a performance so she can see more details from wherever she sits.

She was quite taken with another dance. "The one with the fans [Welcoming Spring], is very good. The program at the end, the fans were well-made. The costumes are exceptionally crafted and fitted really well. When they danced, because I have a pair of binoculars, I saw they all had pleasant facial expressions. They were smiling and they enjoyed dancing very much. They dance very brilliantly!'

As a musician she felt the erhu was, "Very good, I really enjoy the music produced by erhu. The sound it produces stimulates and touches the people. The music is very good. The flute created a mellifluous sound.'

'The music is very delicate, when it’s supposed to be loud, it is loud and when it should be soft, it is soft. Especially the flute, it is very moving.'

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