Chinese Classical Dance Competition Finalists

August 23, 2008 Updated: April 12, 2012
 (The Epoch Times)
(The Epoch Times)

 (Bing Dai/The Epoch Times)
(Bing Dai/The Epoch Times)
After a whole day of exciting semifinal competition, the following 30 dancers have advanced to the last round of the Second Annual International NTDTV Chinese Classical Dance Competition as finalists.

The final competition will be held Sunday, Aug. 24 at Town Hall Foundation in Manhattan.
The final announcement of the winners and award ceremony will be held at Manhattan Center Studios’ Hammerstein Ballroom after a Divine Performing Arts show.



Junior Female Division

Chelsea Cai
Alison Chen
Xiya Li
Serena Liang
Cindy Liu
Angelia Wang
Lily Wang
Miranda Zhou-Galati



Junior Male Division
Juncheng Chen
Golden Li
Rocky Liao
Po-Hung Lin
Gary Liu
Xin Liu
William Li
Tony Xue

Adult Female Division
Meijing Dong
Sharon Gao
Ting-Jie Huang
Madeline Lobjois
Jennifer Su
Wendy Su

Adult Male Division

Seongho Cha
Leon Chao
Brian Nieh
Jason Shi
Steven Wang
Tim Wu
Arnold Yu