Chinese Artist: Divine Performing Arts Showed Me Hope and Direction

December 26, 2008 Updated: December 26, 2008

HOUSTON—Chinese musician Mr. Wu brought his family to watch Divine Performing Arts’ Houston show on December 23. After the show, he told the reporter that he and his family saw in the show some real art that they have not seen for a long time.

Wu’s family, all musicians, said they were enthralled by the show. They said the performers were not only exceptionally skillful, but also very creative. They were impressed by the show’s truthful and entertaining presentation of history as well as contemporary social phenomena.

“Chinese people are not without talents,” Wu said. “But in a political system like mainland China, the real artists don’t have the environment and opportunities to develop and present their talents. Those abroad have better environment of course, but they often have to struggle to make ends meet, so it is not easy for them to concentrate on art.” He added that since most Chinese have lived too long under stress and suppression, Chinese artists often do not have the relaxed elegance seen in Western society.

“But the artists I saw tonight are totally different,” Wu said, excited. “It is easy to tell they are not from mainland China. They are so elegant, noble and composed, that you just cannot help but revere them.”

Wu’s mother, a music professor who recently came from China to visit him, told the reporter the show was far beyond anything she had ever seen or heard. “The music is incredible,” she said. “Not only because it’s a perfect combination of Western and Chinese traditional elements, but also because the melody itself is phenomenal.”

She explained that she found the music very soothing. “Good music has a positive effect on human body,” she said. “Tonight’s music is harmonious with our inner energy flow. It felt like a spiritual massaging.”

The lady complained that music works in China are mostly soulless, and the dances mostly unnatural. “This is because a lot of real artists were killed from persecution during the Cultural Revolution,” she said. “In today’s China, few of the so-called artists have backbone. People like them can never create anything powerful or inspiring. Their art is as degenerate as they are.”

“But this show is different,” she said. “Every move and every expression of the performers spelled righteousness.” She said she was grateful that the Divine Performing Arts has produced something that will inspire the entire art world and bring it back to the right way. “They are reviving the true essence of civilization and showing everyone a way to greatness.”

The music professor reiterated that moral values are the most precious assets of artists. “Chinese artists should all watch this show,” she said. “Because this is where our hope and future lie.”

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