Chihuahua With Birth Defect and Permanently Broken Legs Had No Hope–Until New Owner Adopts Her

June 13, 2020 Updated: June 13, 2020

A tiny abandoned dog with a birth defect looked like she was beyond hope of living a happy life. Freddie Mercury, a chihuahua mix, was found in a duffle bag under a car in 2018, but thankfully, she would find the right owner to let her thrive.

Freddie Mercury might seem like a strange name for a female dog. She earned that name because of her incredible overbite, Caters reported, like that of the famous 1970s British singer. She also had two rows of teeth instead of just one, which made it almost impossible for her to eat.

Epoch Times Photo
Chihuahua mix Freddie Mercury, from Los Angeles, California (Caters News)

Adding to the difficulty, she was also born without an epiglottis, which prevents food from entering her windpipe.

And on top of her birth defects, the poor dog had been so neglected by her previous owner that her fore legs had been broken in an accident and had not healed properly, rendering them practically useless for walking. She is often seen flopping about on her chest or, if she can manage it, rearing up, standing, and walking unsteadily on her two hind legs.

If ever there was a case deserving of pity, Freddie’s was it.

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Chihuahua mix Freddie Mercury with loving owner Angela Adan, 31 (Caters News)

Yet, despite all of her misfortune and hardship, Freddie Mercury was fortunate in that she eventually came into the possession of the right owner who adopted her, Angela Adan, 31, from Los Angeles. Angela adopted Freddie from Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi, and since then, the lucky dog has more than thrived.

Her doting owner shared about her dog’s history of neglect with Caters, “Freddie was dropped by a child when she was a puppy and it broke both of her legs, her previous owner never provided her with any vet care and her legs healed in an abnormal way.”

Angela adds, “She gets stretched out every day to prevent her shoulder muscles from becoming tighter than they are. Freddie loves food, soft blankets, cuddling and bouncing around on beds. She’s such a happy and joyful dog.”

Freddie proved that her misfortune was unable to get in the way of her happiness, yet even more incredibly, she became a social media star after her owner set up her very own blog Ready Freddie, documenting her journey with photos showing her daily antics with her adoring owner. More than that, Freddie’s page features photos and videos of other dogs with birth defects like Freddie as a way to match them with a loving home, giving them a second chance at happiness.

Epoch Times Photo
A gawky dog with a birth defect and two permanently broken legs that was abandoned is now living a happy life thanks to her loving new owner. (Caters News)