Chiayi County Councilor Almost Touched to Tears

March 8, 2017

“‘Touching’ is the only word that can be used to describe the show. I was almost touched to tears.”


“With the combination of modern technology (digital animated backdrops) and artistic performance, the essence of the culture created by our ancestors is being carried forward. Regardless of whether we appreciate it from the cultural or artistic aspects, Shen Yun deserves to be further promoted.” 


“In particular, with the magnificent music, the opening piece truly touched the bottom of my heart.” 


“In our human dimension, with the advancement of technology, people have almost forgot the preservation and inheritance of culture. Because modern people often think of their personal interest first, they are relatively lacking in culture appreciation and preservation. We should have a long-term plan to combine culture with artistic development in the future, so that the next generation can pay more attention to their physical health and spiritual well-being.


“It’s truly touching…..You’ve got to experience it personally, so that you can know how touching it is.”

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