Lost Photos from the Antarctic

By Benjamin Kim, Epoch Times
January 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

These photos are part of history, left behind by the Antartica expedition of Captain Ernest Shackleton a century ago. However, if it were not for New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust, they would have been lost in the frozen land.

The negatives were found in a hut that belonged to Captain Scott’s last, ill-fated expedition (1910-1913) to the southern Pole. The images were taken by Shackleton’s Ross Sea party, 1914-1917, which used the hut after they became stranded on Ross Island in Cape Evans after their ship blew out to sea in a storm. Fortunately they had Scott’s hut to try to survive the winter. 

The negatives were found clumped together in a small box as part of a project that’s retrieved and conserved more than 10,000 objects from the hut. The Antarctic Heritage Trust painstakingly separated, cleaned, removed mold, and consolidated the cellulose nitrate image layers to develop 22 images of Antartica that have never been seen before.

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