Cat Resembling ‘Star Wars’ Actor Adam Driver Is Newest Viral Kitty

By Daniel He
Daniel He
Daniel He
January 19, 2016 Updated: January 19, 2016

A picture posted by Twitter user Marci Robin (@MarciRobin) showed a cat with an eerie resemblance to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” star Adam Driver, who played the evil Kylo Ren. The tweet has since gone viral.

The cat, pictured resting on a shelf, was found at the Monmouth County Adoption Center in Eatontown, New Jersey. 

The kitty named Corey has since been adopted by Emily McCombs, an editor at Elite Daily. 

“When the tweet first went up, I had gazed into the eyes of this cat and felt two things deep in my soul 1) that I loved him and 2) that he was meant to be with me. Not only was his face amazingly unique and funny, but he was described as being snuggly and ‘great with kids,’ and I have a four-year-old son,” wrote McCombs, on her own blog

Soon after adopting the cat, McCombs was contacted by friends and acquaintances for her contact information, asking how much she could make from the “Viral Internet Cat.” McCombs wrote she did not adopt him for money, but because she loves him. 

The cat’s name no longer is his name Cory, which is believed to be have given to him by the adoption center. McCombs and her boyfriend tossed around names such as Catam Driver, Cat Adam Driver from Star Wars, and à la Katlo Ren. But in the end, they have decided to go with Kylo Ren.

“In the end, Kylo Ren just felt right. And so that is his name. He seems to like it,” wrote McCombs.  

Daniel He