Can You Spot 11 Differences Hidden in These 2 Balmy Underwater Scenes? (Yes, We Want to Go Too)

February 7, 2021 Updated: March 16, 2021

It’s where we all want to be right now, floating weightlessly in crystal-clear tropical waters someplace warm. “In my dreams,” you might lament. Yes, that might seem a distant fantasy right now, but maybe we can offer you the next best thing.

Here are two pictures of an underwater paradise (minus the shark) somewhere off the coast of a beautiful white-sand balmy beach. It could be Bora Bora. It could be Cancun. Either way, you want to be there.

The two scenes are almost identical, but not quite, for hidden cleverly within them are 11 distinct differences. This isn’t just a tropical getaway; it’s also a spot-the-difference puzzle for you to solve!

So, while you pore over the ocean floor and schools of fishes in search of leisure, see if you are able to spot all 11 differences between both pictures.

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Epoch Times Photo

Were you able to find all 11 differences? When you think you’ve found them all, scroll down to see the solution.

Need a hint?

Okay, here’s just one clue to help you in your search: The snorkeler in the picture is in search of underwater treasure—you can see a treasure chest full of gold almost within his reach. But ask yourself this question: How is he going to carry the gold back to shore? He might be able to grasp a coin or two in his hands (difficult while swimming), but that’s not very efficient. So, how is he planning to collect more treasure and carry it back ashore?

Look again.

Epoch Times Photo


Epoch Times Photo

1. Seagull flying in a different formation
2. Flippers are a different length*
3. Diver’s bag contains different items (the hint)
4. Sail yards set at different heights and at different angles
5. Shark fins are different sizes
6. Fish swimming in different formations
7. Coral length is different
8. Rope tied to anchor
9. Rocks are different shape
10. Extra pair of eyes inside the ship hull
11. Different number of balusters on ship railings

*Some might argue that each flipper ought to be counted separately (which is reasonable), in which case there are 12 hidden differences.

If you enjoyed this little excursion under the sea, share it with a friend or family member and test their spot-the-difference skills.

All Illustrations by The Epoch Times