Can You Rearrange the Letters to Spell Just One Word?–Test If You’re a Scrabble Expert

July 21, 2020 Updated: July 21, 2020

Here is a brainteaser to confound all those Scrabble players out there who are adept at forming words out of jumbles of random letters!

But, like in all brainteasers, there’s a little twist in this puzzle that will require you to leave your comfort zone, so be sure to pay extra attention.

Here’s the puzzle:

Below, you will see a set of scrambled-up letters. Rearrange the letters in order to spell just one word.

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It’s trickier than it seems, right? Take a moment or two and try to solve it—just like playing an after-dinner game of Scrabble with the family on one of those fun get-togethers that we enjoy during the holidays. And bragging rights are fully reserved to those who are most dexterous with words in this puzzle, same as with the dinner table.

When you think you know the answer, or if you’re ready to toss up your tiles in frustration, scroll down to see the correct answer.

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And that answer is:

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Ha-ha! That’s right, this was not just your ordinary Scrabble puzzle. Like all good brainteasers, the solution can be found only by thinking outside the box, and not making assumptions about what the rules of the game are. Rules are meant to be broken! The whole point is to expand your thinking.

The trick of this brainteaser lies in the wording: “spell just one word.” Of course, “just one word” itself is three words, and that’s totally different from trying to spell just one single word, which is what you would expect.

But if you were successful, it means you caught onto this little trick by thinking outside the box. The bragging rights you have earned are well deserved!

Whether you got the right answer or not, we hope you found this exercise stimulating. Do share it with a friend or family member and test how word savvy they are.

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