Camp Cooking: Culinary Excellence While Far From the Kitchen

BY Bill Lindsey TIMEJuly 10, 2022 PRINT

Camping has never been more popular. In these hectic times, it lets us relax, refresh, and recharge our inner batteries. But just because you’re in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to survive on pine cones. Consider this selection of gear for your next al fresco dining delight.

Caffeine to Go

Stanley Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over Set

$40 at

Stanley 2
(Courtesy of Stanley)

This is a must for those who love the wilderness as much as they love coffee. Just pour boiling water over coffee grounds in the stainless-steel filter; the camp mug below will then fill with a fresh cup of joe.

Cold Food, Hot Jazz

Tunes2Go Cooler

$419 at

(Courtesy of Camping World)

This redefines multitasking by keeping ice frozen for up to three days, while playing your favorite tunes and recharging your phone. The 40-quart cooler plays music from SD cards, Bluetooth devices, or a USB while the integrated battery powers electronic devices.

Backwoods Breakfast, Burgers, and Pizza

Camp Chef VersaTop

$189 at

Camp Chef Versa 1
(Courtesy of Camp Chef)

Cooking over a roaring fire looks great in movies, but for making meals without needing the first aid kit, this is the answer. Powered by compact fuel canisters, the flat-top griddle is perfect for bacon. Add the optional grill or oven for burgers or pizza.

A Better Baker

Omnia Camp Oven

$154 at

Omnia 1
(Courtesy of Omnia)

While Great-Grandpa used a heavy, cast-iron Dutch oven, this is a much better and easier way to bake bread, steam veggies or fish, or cook campfire delicacies over any outdoor heat source. The five-piece kit includes an oven and grill, plus protective mitts.

The Easy Way to Bring Everything

GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset

$159.95 at

GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset
(Courtesy of GSI Outdoors)

Some cooks only use a 6- to 8-pound skillet, but a better idea than limiting yourself is this set, which includes two pots, a frying pan, mugs, plates, and bowls, all in about the same space required for a skillet, at half the weight.

Flickering Flames

BioLite FirePit+

$299.95 at

BioLite 1
(Courtesy of BioLite)

Take s’mores to a whole new level with this smoke-free open fire system. The patented design uses 51 air jets to optimize airflow for maximum combustion, which means more heat with less smoke from wood or charcoal. Use the grate for hibachi-style cooking.

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