California Dad Uses One Magical Word to Calm His Crying Baby in Less Than 30 Seconds

February 16, 2019 Updated: February 16, 2019

Babies exude many wonderful sounds like cooing and gurgling. While a baby’s laughter is a source of joy to those around, their wailings turn everyone anxious. But motivational speaker Daniel Eisenman found a way to calm his crying daughter, and no it doesn’t use a pacifier or toys; rather, it uses the sound of his own honeyed voice.

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Daniel is from Southern California and is the author of Breaking Normal.

He helps people reconnect with their emotions.

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Thus, Daniel understands the importance of expressing one’s feelings freely in a healthy way.

So, when his little girl Divina experienced her own emotions, he knew just what to do to comfort her.

In a Facebook video, with his newborn daughter on his chest, he starts chanting the widely known and acknowledged OM sound in a deep voice, and surprisingly her crying stops.

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“I hadn’t done it on video before,” Daniel told Today.

He explained that it had worked previously on his daughter when she was just 1 month old.

The father, who dons various hats, said that he used to chant this sound when Divina was still in her mother’s womb.

“Friends would come over and we would chant to the belly. She was born in the living room. Even during the birthing we were playing Thai Buddhist Monk chanting. Beautiful track.”

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OM is a mantra deemed to be the vibration of the universe and nature. When chanted correctly, its vibrational frequency is 432 Hz, identical to the vibrational frequency found throughout everything else in nature, according to Life Coach code.

This simple yet unique technique has charmed social media audiences. It has garnered over 40 million views since it was posted.  Many netizens shared similar experiences with their kids.

One user wrote: “Yes. We used to do this with our son on those nights when it seemed like nothing else was working. It came very intuitively, for whatever reason, and typically calmed him within a couple of minutes!”

Another said: “I use to do this with my girls and for a short time worked in a nursery where the parents couldn’t believe how I calmed their children. Its amazing. Good job!”

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There are a few things that actually help in calming a newborn such as the sense of touch including skin-to-skin contact, the warmth provided by nestling the baby in a close embrace, warm water, etc.

“All babies around the world are born with a very ancient and almost magical ‘calming reflex’ that is sort of an off switch for crying and an on switch for sleep,” according to Dr. Havey Karp, author of the book and video The Happiest Baby on the Block.

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By responding and reacting with your baby, one sends out a strong message of love and trust, which serves to strengthen the precious bond with a child and parent.

Daniel also mentioned, “I don’t see crying as a bad thing,”

He added: “When my grandma was in human form she cried easier than anyone I ever met. There was energy and emotion. She was courageous enough to let that flow through her. She was courageous enough to express herself.”

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