Calendar 2014: Printable Calendars, and Cool Calendars to Buy

January 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Need a calendar for 2014?

Here are some cool ones you can buy.

This one from artist Nikki McClure features images of everyday life. They’re printed in Olympia, Washington.

Product Image

The Hacker calendar‘s theme for 2014 is foreign payphones.

“Each month features a 12″x12″ glossy photo of a public telephone from somewhere on the planet, as well as even more hacker dates of significance than last year’s. Nearly every day of the year has something noteworthy that will be interesting to hackers,” according to Hacker Quarterly.

This creative calendar features Woodland Creatures.

It’s from artist Carol Farrell.

Woodland Creatures 2014 Calendar

Like animals but don’t like the look of this one?

Here’s one with more of a modern feel.

2014 Calendar, 20% OFF, Geometric illustration, Animal prints, Original illustrations

Like Paris? This one‘s for you.

The calendar features 12 original photos of Paris printed on matte paper.

Here’s another great photography one, with 12 images shot around the world.

Each month shows US holidays and phases of the moon.

If you don’t want to buy a calendar, and just want a simple one to print out, check out this link.

And a little bonus: check out this page for desktop wallpaper calendars for your computer.

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