Businessman Says After Shen Yun ‘I could die without regrets’

March 18, 2014 Updated: March 23, 2014

TAICHUNG, Taiwan—“After seeing Shen Yun, I could die without regrets in this life,” said Chen Dongrong, the head of a health business and the founder and president of Shangde Culture Association. He has come to see Shen Yun every year since Shen Yun Performing Arts first toured Taiwan.

Shen Yun, based in New York, travels the world reviving the divinely inspired traditional Chinese culture.

This year, he especially formed the Taichung Eco-Tour with dozens of his association members and friends from Hsinchu to see Shen Yun at Taichung’s Jhungshan Auditorium on March 15. Among the members was the wife of Hsinchu’s mayor and Mr. Chen’s friend, a lawyer. Mr. Chen recommended the show to the tour members saying, “The show’s moral teachings will be very helpful in life.”

“Superb and fantastic!” Mr. Chen said, “I have watched Shen Yun every year since its first tour in Taiwan. Every year the program varies. The show is always outstanding, deeply affecting one’s soul. [What it represents] is just truthful, compassionate, and tolerance. It is truly excellent.”

It’s no wonder the Taiwan box office sells out all of its tickets year after year, he said.

He was overflowing with praise for Shen Yun and continued, “The lyrics are all very classical, and they can uplift one’s spirit.” He was speaking of the vocal soloists who perform between the dance programs.

“The orchestra performs live, giving it a powerful effect. The music is unforgettable,” he said of Shen Yun’s orchestra that combines instruments from both the East and West.

“There are no words to describe the dance. I simply have not seen such [a standard] in Taiwan’s shows.”

See the True Spirit of Chinese Culture

After seeing the performance together with his wife, realistic painter Tseng Huanfu said, “The combination of classical (Chinese dance) and modern (high-tech animated backdrops), coupled with the seamless performance, made me feel very refreshed and showed me the true spirit of Chinese culture.”

“What really amazed me very much is the seamless synchronization of the dance and the (animated digital) backdrops. All aspects of the show are very exquisite. This is my first time to see this kind of show. Of course, its colors are very vibrant and refreshing. We can learn a lot from it. It’s an amazing performance, and I am really very happy to see such a miraculous show.”

Marveling at the vibrant colors of Shen Yun’s hand-made costumes, Mr. Tseng exclaimed, “The coordination of the colors is amazing. How on earth could the coordination of colors be so wonderful?”

Shen Yun stages mainly classical Chinese dance, as well as some folk dances from China’s diverse ethnicities.

“It’s my first time to see such performance,” he shared.

Through dance, song, and live orchestral music, the performance brings to life legends and heroes from China’s long and rich history.

Mr. Tseng said, “Seeing Shen Yun’s creation from tradition, we should contemplate how we live and the goals of our life in the future. To artists, I think we should regard the pursuit of sincerity, compassion, and gracefulness as our goals.”

Reporting by Lin Mengqian and Irene Luo, Dong Huiling and Bill X

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