Business President Says He Took an Imperial Visit to Ancient China with Shen Yun

March 8, 2017

“I know a lot of people kept wanting to get hold of the tickets. I was finally able to get tickets through the help of a friend.” 


“It was so unbelievable. One moment, we were in the ancient past and the very next we came back to the present. It felt like time traveling.”


“The program “Han Dynasty Sleeves” was about the dance during the era of peace and prosperity of Han and Tang. I felt like I was physically there at the imperial palace—with much elegance and comfort—a feeling that was oddly quite familiar to me.” 


“The Monkey King went there to borrow the fan. Everything looked so real … the [visual] effect was so great. It looked like the stage had extended up to the [heaven].” 


“Shen Yun carries on our traditional culture. Now very few people bother to showcase traditional culture. So, this is extraordinary.” 

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