Business Owner: Shen Yun is Very Unique and Entertaining

April 15, 2017

“I really enjoyed it. It was very unique and very entertaining.”

“I haven’t seen anything quite like it, because it’s so culturally specific, and it taught us a lot about the Chinese culture and the history.” 

“The music was fantastic, too … especially the solo [that] was done. I have forgotten the name of the instrument (erhu). That was remarkable … The orchestra was wonderful.” 

“I felt very relaxed.” 

“I thought it came out clear to me that there was something very important to [the Shen Yun artists] in terms of both preserving [traditional Chinese culture] and introducing it to people from the United States.” 

“There’s real value in the history of that particular culture, and it’s important for us to recognize that, and respect it, and appreciate it.” 

“It’s so different and unique from what we experience every single day, what we read about in the newspapers, or what we see in the news.”

“I would definitely recommend it … It was really a nice evening.”