Business Ops Manager: ‘Every single piece is fantastic’

January 4, 2018

“It’s very colorful. It’s amazing to see the acrobatics; it is beautiful. The reason I got the front row is so I can see the expression on their faces. I thought they were really good. Great performance.”

“The costumes are beautiful; every single piece is fantastic. I love the orchestra; sitting here in the front row is great. I love it.”

“In terms of the dances, I like the transition which happens between reality and what’s on the screen. The person jumps in and out. It pretty innovative and it really works. That is something new; I’ve never seen it before. My daughter is here and she is 11 and she really enjoys it.”

“I see a lot of spirituality in the show. I think in life, there a lot of bad things that happen and if you stick to your principles, I guess things will become okay. I think that is the core message that speaks to me in more than one of the dances.”