Business Coach Sees Beautiful Side of China at Shen Yun

March 29, 2017

“The culture’s amazing, the dancing is fantastic and the music [is] sensational. Really, really good insight into the history, and it sheds a very different story to people, like myself, who didn’t know a lot of the history of China.”


“ It sheds light on a beautiful side of Chinese culture that we probably don’t hear much about.”


“I was in the Forbidden City, which is beautiful, there’s no doubt, but there’s no real fun there. It’s very rigid, very straight. Tour guides take you through. There’s not much fun. This [Shen Yun] is fun. This is relaxed. This is freedom.”


“Without freedom to express your thoughts and to express your mind, it must leave you half fulfilled in life, or not fulfilled at all. Part of fulfilment is to be able to express yourself in a relaxed and fun manner. That’s what this show brings.”