Burglars Stopped by 80-Year-Old With a Gun

BY Jonathan Zhou TIMEApril 22, 2016 PRINT

The robbery began with a 23-year-old woman coming to the doors of an 80-year old man, asking to use his phone. 

Once she had entered his house in West Virginia, two other men emerged and attempted to rob the old man, but things didn’t go as planned. 

One of the men, Larry Shaver, flashed a realistic looking BB-gun, and the old man pulled out a real gun and shot him, killing Shaver. 

The other man was shot and injured in the torso. 

The police said that it was clearly a self-defense type situation. 

“We do have information that they believed this was an old man and that this was going to be an easy way for them to get stuff that wasn’t theirs,” Chief Steve Shine told WValways.

The police doesn’t plan to charge the shooter. 

Citizens are “authorized to use whatever force they need to protect themselves” in the face of “deadly force,” Chief Shine said.

Local residents said that robbery attempts were frequent around the neighborhood.

“It’s nothing new. As far as break-ins go, it happens a lot,” Alfred Bolling told WVAL. “But this time, someone walked into the wrong house.”

Jonathan Zhou is a tech reporter who has written about drones, artificial intelligence, and space exploration.
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