Burger King Now Offering New ‘Extra Long’ Burger With Butter

February 3, 2016 1:31 pm Last Updated: February 3, 2016 2:40 pm

Burger King is trying to one-up the competition in the “Burger Wars.”

The chain is now offering an extra-long cheeseburger smothered in butter. That’s right, butter.

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The item is called the Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger, and it features two patties covered in a buttery garlic sauce and is served on a hoagie bun. The sandwich contains a whopping 710 calories, 47g of fat, 15g of saturated fat, 1.5g of trans fat, a massive 1,250mg of sodium, 26g of protein, and 46g of carbs.

(Burger King)
(Burger King)

Mashable reported that the Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger was rolled out on Monday and will be featured on the chain’s 2 for $5 menu.

A few people commented on the burger on social media.