Buckeye Police and Fire Chiefs Rescue Children, Pets Trapped Inside a Burning House

July 27, 2020 Updated: July 27, 2020

A courageous Buckeye assistant police chief and deputy fire chief are being hailed as heroes after they worked together to help rescue two children and their pets trapped inside a burning home in Buckeye, Arizona.

Buckeye officials received a call of a house fire in the area of Rainbow Rd. and Sundance Parkway at 8:46 a.m. on July 21. Buckeye Asst. Police Chief Bob Sanders responded to the call within 55 seconds as he was on his way to a meeting and happened to be in the area.

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A few moments later, Deputy Fire Chief Dave Dubois arrived at the spot with a fire truck, according to a Facebook post by the City of Buckeye Fire Department.

“I just came outside, I look to the right where I heard the shouting and I saw two of the kids and the family outside and the flames just engulfing the house,” Aaron Hall, a neighbor who witnessed the rescue, told ABC15.

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When the first responders became aware that there were two other kids trapped in the house. They didn’t hesitate and just rushed in to rescue them. “This is absolutely their calling and that’s why they could just fearlessly run in there and risk their lives,” Hall said.

Without any fire gear, the two men rescued a 5-year-old boy who was on the couch and another boy who was near the door all before the fire crew arrived on the scene.

Alluding to the heroic rescue, Buckeye Police Chief Larry Hall told The Arizona Republic: “These two chiefs, whose primary job is as an administrative capacity or limited operational capacity,… didn’t hesitate for one second..  put their own safety on the line to save a child and a house, and to me,” adding, “they epitomize what we stand for everyday.”

Shortly after, a Buckeye fire engine arrived at the scene and began to work on containing the fire, according to the Facebook post. While the firefighters did a complete search of the blazing residence, they found nine out of ten of the family’s cats remained unconscious on the second floor. Immediately, with the help of CPR, the cats were resuscitated by the crew.

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Additionally, seven dogs that were found in the backyard of the house were also brought to safety. As soon as the scene was brought under control, the Command contacted a veterinary clinic that was ready to take in all the cats.

According to officials, the woman of the house reportedly suffered minor burns, and another firefighter dealt with breathing issues. However, the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Additionally, the family was receiving aid from the American Red Cross Society.

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Netizens who came across the heroic rescue on City Of Buckeye Fire Department have expressed their gratitude to the two first responders who sprang into action without hesitation, calling them heroes and appreciating their team effort in the rescue.

“What we had today was just a couple guys, you know, out there that just did an incredible job, they put other people’s safety as a priority… I’m just extremely proud of both of these public safety officials and I’m proud to serve alongside them,” a proud Larry Hall told The Arizona Republic.

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