British Summer Time 2014: When is Daylight Savings?

March 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The daylight savings time in Europe, known as the Summer Time, is coming up. It’s known in the United Kingdom as the British Summer Time.

This year, the day falls on March 30.

Clocks will move forward an hour at 1 a.m. GMT (to 2 a.m.). For those in Central Europe, it will move forward from 2 a.m. CET to 3 a.m. And for those in Eastern Europe, it will move forward from 3 a.m. EET to 4 a.m.

European Summer Time is always on the last Sunday in March.

It will go back starting next year; it falls on March 29, while in 2016 it falls on March 27.

Summer Time is observed by all European countries–including the United Kingdom–except for Russia, Iceland, and Belarus. 

The clock moving forward means that evenings have more daylight while mornings have less.

British Summer Time ends on the last Sunday in October, which is October 26 this year.


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