British Mother Has 10 Sons, Vacuums 7 Times a Day, Will Get Some Rest ‘In 2034’, but Refuses to do THIS

December 29, 2017 Updated: December 29, 2017

A British mother of 10 boys–a UK record, by all accounts–said she vacuums seven times a day and looks forward to sleeping in, at long last.

In the year 2034, that is.

To be exact, when her youngest, 7-month-old Rothagaidh, will be 17, the Daily Mail reported.

Alexis Brett, 38, a former nurse, said that right now she doesn’t even know the meaning of the term “sleep-in” (British “lie-in”).

“A lie-in. What’s that? I can’t see me getting one of those until by 2034 and I will probably have grandchildren by then,” Brett said, wrote the Daily Mail.

Despite all those boys running around, David Brett, 43, is still the only man in the house.

A tough guy, too, which helps if you’re trying to be the lion king of a pride of 10 up-and-coming cubs.

Let’s meet the rest of this unique British brood: Campbell, 16, Harrison, 14, Corey, 12, Lachlan, 9, Brodie, 8, Brahn, 7, Hunter, 5, Mack, 3, Blake, 2, and 7-month-old Rothagaidh.

And, of course, mum and dadAlexis and David.

(In this photo posted on Facebook, their littlest bundle of joy was still in mummy’s tummy!)

The Bretts’ love story began like many other love stories: at work. Alexis met David, a train conductor, while working in the trolleys on the Aberdeen line back in 1998. Three years later, she gave birth to their first bundle of love, Campbell once she had trained to become a nurse and David had qualified as a train driver. The couple got married eight months later, and Campbell, now 16 was soon followed by his brother Harrison, now 14.

Sounds like the beautiful finale of a classic romance tale, right?

Had it all ended there, you wouldn’t be reading this article about such an incredible family.

It turns out that for the Bretts, the family train just kept on chugging.

This year Alexis gave birth to a record 10th boy in a row to become the first couple in U.K. to conceive 10 boys consecutively.

Readers may wonder what it takes to keep a household that size in proper working order.

Of course, to maintain her own appearance, Alexis has to get up at 5:30 a.m. every day to get ready—shower, dress, and makeup—before all hell breaks loose, as the boys wake up, NTD reported.

Getting all the children ready for school takes time, but they’re used to it now.

“The biggest jump was going from two to three children. That’s when everything has to change… the car, the bedtime routines, the holidays,” Alexis said.

David works flexible shifts and shares cooking and childcare duties, the Daily Mail reported.

And Alexis has a secret to bouncing back from so many pregnancies–staying active and refusing to “put her feet up when she has any spare time.”

She works out three times a week and has just qualified as a fitness instructor.

The couple from Inverness, U.K., reportedly even manage a night out together twice a month.

Alexis even manages to squeeze in a girls’ night out once in a while.

But enough is enough, Alexis said, no baker’s dozen or football team for this family.

“I’m getting hip pain and I think it’s my body’s way of telling me to stop, which is fair enough. Ten boys is a nice even number and it seems a good place to call time,” she told the Daily Mail.

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