VIDEO: Baby Elephant Can't Wait to Pop Bubbles With His Trunk—'It’s Universally Cute'

VIDEO: Baby Elephant Can't Wait to Pop Bubbles With His Trunk—'It’s Universally Cute'
(Courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo)
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All babies love playing with bubbles. And this adorably chubby elephant calf is no different.

It's no wonder a video of this 10-month-old baby elephant named Brazos playing with bubbles for the first time has gone viral.

The Fort Worth Zoo, in Fort Worth, Texas, shared the heartwarming video on their Facebook page, showing the playful Brazos twirling and swinging his trunk to catch the bubbles. At one point, he even opens his mouth right in front of the bubble machine, to let the tempting sparkly bubbles land straight on his tongue.

“This was Brazos’s first time to interact with bubbles,” said Avery Elander, director of marketing and public relations at the Fort Worth Zoo. “It’s universally cute! It’s fun to see how far this video has travelled.”

 (Courtesy of <a href="">Fort Worth Zoo</a>)
(Courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo)
 (Courtesy of <a href="">Fort Worth Zoo</a>)
(Courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo)

As curious and full of life as a human baby, Brazos’s bright eyes open wide seeing a wave of bubbles in the air. He couldn’t wait to explore and touch them with his trunk, just like how toddlers, or even adults, would stretch their hands to catch these magical blobs of water.

Pop! One bubble at a time, Brazos tries his best to pop them all by swaying his cute little trunk.

“It’s always fun to watch the animals, especially the baby animals, interacting with various enrichment items,” Elander said. “But it was extra sweet to watch Brazos with the bubbles, especially as he would pop individual bubbles with his trunk!

"It’s definitely one of those videos that you can watch over and over.”

Watch Brazos trying to pop the bubbles:
(Courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo)

Brazos was born in October 2021 and is growing up fast. He now weighs nearly 1,100 pounds. Elander says that Brazos is one of the eight Asian elephants that live at the Fort Worth Zoo and part of a three-generation herd.

The “curious and inquisitive” Brazos is now brave enough to venture away from his mother. But he never lets his mama dearest out of his sight for long, and always runs back to be with her.

“Lately with the warm weather, he can most often be found in our 400,000-gallon river splashing and swimming with his aunt Belle,” Elander said.

 Brazos with Belle. (Courtesy of <a href="">Fort Worth Zoo</a>)
Brazos with Belle. (Courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo)

Founded in 1909, the Fort Worth Zoo’s mission is to strengthen the bond between humans and animals. Today, the Zoo is a nationally ranked facility that houses over 7,000 native and exotic animals.

The Fort Worth Zoo is also involved in more than 30 conservation projects around the world, says Elander, from funding anti-poaching efforts for elephants and rhinos to breeding and releasing critically endangered iguanas back into the wild.

“We believe that when people are entertained and engaged, they leave feeling inspired to learn more about wildlife and conserve wild things and wild places,” Elander told The Epoch Times.

 (Courtesy of <a href="">Fort Worth Zoo</a>)
(Courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo)
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