Video: Grandma Reads ‘The Wonky Donkey’

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An hilarious video has surfaced online of a grandmother patiently reading to her grandson the story of the wonky donkey from a book whilst trying in vain not to laugh at the tale herself.

In the video we see the child pay little attention as his grandmother reads such tongue twisting words as, “He was a lanky, honkey, tonky, winky, wonky donkey.” At one point she bursts into fits of laughter and proclaims, “How can anybody read this seriously?”

One particular sequence of words stops her dead in her tracks as laughter overcomes her and she has to pause to compose herself. The words in question are, “He’s a stinky, dinky, lanky, honky, tonky, winky, wonky donkey,” and as you hear them you begin to understand the poor woman’s difficulty at trying to read them with a straight face.

She roars with laughter before managing to compose herself and continuing with the story, which the oblivious child barely acknowledges.

As the story progresses we get a glimpse of the book and the poor unfortunate donkey ourselves from illustrations on the page. In an attempt to get the ordeal over and done with as quick as possible, the hysterical grandmother picks up pace and begins to read faster only to become undone when she comes across the words, “He was a spunky, hanky, panky, cranky, stinky, dinky, lanky, honky, tonky, winky, wonky, donkey,” and once again she falls into a fit of hysterical laughing.

The video finishes with the elderly woman finally making it to the end of the book and reading triumphantly the words, “the end,” before closing the book up probably for the last time ever.

Credit: ViralHog

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