Ski Apps – Are They Hot or Not?

Ski apps can measure the speed you fly down the mountain
Ski Apps – Are They Hot or Not?
Skier in deep powder snow via Shutterstock*

It depends from what angle you look at it and who you ask. Ski apps can measure the speed you fly down the mountain, many would think this is popular with the young spring chickens, the teenagers and the seasonairres, but it seems to be trending throughout all age groups and causing fierce competition between other skiers.

In the era where most people live in the fast lane, be it at work or leisure, everyone has a smart phone, download apps and want to be trending with everyone else. There are, of course, pros and cons of this ski app phenomenon; we take look at the apps, which could enhance your ski holiday, the most common are those that track your speed.


Ultra-high resolution 3D maps are produced, by a combination of the latest mobile and gaming technology. Accurate GPS-enabled software makes locating yourself in complex terrain a breeze both on and off the mountain. The app’s detailed mapping shows details of your surroundings every 2 metres, enabling you to acquire a defined view of any ski resort. Carefully detailed mapping identifies hidden off-piste lines and even include information on steepness, length and difficulty. Through the 3D fly-through’s, skiers can experience the line before taking on the mountain. Those who prefer the luxury chalet in the ski resort can follow the avid skiers with easy by means of accurate GPS-enabled navigation in ultra-high 3D resolution.

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*Image of skier in deep powder snow via Shutterstock

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