Simple Female Life Hacks That Will Save Your Day

Simple Female Life Hacks That Will Save Your Day
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Ingrid Longauerová

Missed out some girlie advice or how to’s? Since sharing is caring, a Reddit thread asked ladies users to share their best female life hacks. You would be surprised that the simplest hacks are also the most genial ones. Here is the best of them.


Life in General

Men’s wallet. So much smaller and more convenient. By alstroemeria

Keep granola bars in your purse, or baggies of mixed nuts and dried fruit. I get busy and sometimes I’m not home from six in the morning until 10 at night. Having these keeps me from eating McDonalds all the time. They fill me up until I can get home or have more time. By inkathebadger

My lifehack is to try to stop carrying a purse around. With the exception of a few days a month, all you need is your wallet, keys and cellphone. Anything else is just weighing you down. By PhilangeesMcPoopins

Always have a pen and paper handy, even though we live in the “digital age.” By laloga

Always keep a change of clothes in your trunk and a pair of flat shoes. You never know, and you will thank yourself the day you need them. unknown

Keep deodorant, floss, mouthwash and a comb/brush at work, for the days you’re running late and forget the basics.  By laloga

If you wanna get something done like loosing weight, tell your friendes and family about it - the fear of appearing as a failure in their eyes will atleast give you some motivation to stay on track. By killertofuuuuu

Get 8 hours of sleep per night most of the time - seriously, when I started doing this i was supprised about how much better things were! By killertofuuuuu

Take a book everywhere. You never know when you might end up waiting. By Kita

On the train. (aliastron/Flickr)
On the train. (aliastron/Flickr)


Keep a few hair bands on the wiper “handle” in your car in case of faraway emergency. uknown

A little olive oil on a face towel takes off makeup better than any makeup remover I have ever used, and monistat chafing gel is the best (and cheapest!) face primer ever. If you can get over putting monistat on your face, that is. uknown

Wash your hands with toothpaste to remove odor after changing a diaper, doing dishes, etc. By avillotti

Mix olive oil and sugar to your desired exfoliant consistency. Use as face wash. Rinse. Pat dry. My face felt like a baby’s bum all day. I will never buy St. Ives gain. I also made too much, didn’t want it to go to waste so I used it on all areas that needed exfoliating. By HeatherMarMal

Wear sunscreen every day. It will keep the wrinkles at bay! (totally didn’t mean to rhyme there, but too lazy to change.) By laloga

I should own stock in Vaseline because I use it to:

- remove makeup

- moisten dry & chapped lips, elbows, knees, cuticles, etc in the winter

- soothe my eczema

- exfoliate (mix with sea salt. If you want to get fancy, a few drops of lavender oil) By SpaceshipEarth

I have discovered that if I buy those mini bottles of nailpolish instead of the normal sized ones, I actually have a chance to use the whole thing before they get all goey and un-usable. By killertofuuuuu


Use baby powder on greasy hair. I don’t normally do this, but it became useful when I had a digital perm and wasn’t allowed to wash my hair for days. By becleverer

Take a picture of your “favorite” haircut from the front and the back, when you go to a new salon, take the pictures with you so they know exactly what to reproduce. By Kita


Periodically wipe off all the phones, doorknobs, drawer-pulls and any other surface that your hands come into contact with at work. Wash your hands! Disinfect your phone at least once a week-so much crap builds up on those little suckers! By laloga

Baking soda + vinegar = magic, cheap, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Add some lemon juice and WOW! By laloga


A paper clip or safety pin can be a lifesaver in case of “wardrobe malfunction.” By laloga

If you have to wear heels, for maximum comfort buy a pair that is no higher than 3.5 inches and buy a pair that is the most expensive you can afford (read: Jimmy choo shoes are worth the price because the engineering of the shoe is so much better than, say , a shoe you can get at the mall and is therefore worth the money!) By killertofuuuuu

Apply clear nail polish to stop a run in tights. By alstroemeria 

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