Put it in Writing

In an age of impersonal texts and emails, using a pen to hand-write letters or thank you notes is the best way to show the recipient how much you care.
Put it in Writing
(Courtesy of Montblanc, Caran d'Ache, Montegrappa, Monteverde, ST Dupont)
Bill Lindsey

Petite Perfection

(Courtesy of Montblanc)
(Courtesy of Montblanc)

Montblanc Heritage Rouge Et Noir “Baby” Special Edition Ivory-Colored Rollerball


Best-known for their iconic black Meisterstuck pens and mechanical pencils, this delightful recreation of the original “Baby” Montblanc model of the 1920s is part of the firm’s Heritage Collection. Sized to fit in a vest pocket or purse, and designed without a pocket clip, the sleek barrel is crafted of precious ivory-hued lacquer with a gold-coated nib and a cap bearing the Montblanc emblem. Available as either a fountain pen or a rollerball.


Get a Grip

(Courtesy of Caran d'Ache)
(Courtesy of Caran d'Ache)

Palladium-Coated Ecridor Golf Ballpoint Pen


Designed to look as good as it is easy to use, this eye-catching pen’s geometric exterior was inspired by the dimples of a golf ball to provide a sure grip, while the lightweight yet durable palladium coating shimmers in the light. It is also quite practical, with the Goliath cartridge capable of filling up to 600 pages of A4-sized sheets.


A Handheld Memorial

(Courtesy of Montegrappa)
(Courtesy of Montegrappa)

Montegrappa La Canzone Del Grappa Fountain Pen


This fine pen commemorates the poignant hymn about the First World War, ‘Monte Grappa Tu Sei La Mia Patria,’ an anthem intrinsic to Italian heritage. Beyond being a writing tool, this pen honors the bravery, solemnity, and irrepressible spirit of the Monte Grappa region a century after the song was first performed. The translucent body provides a view of the piston-filling system, accented by a resin cap and hood that resemble vintage marble.


Inspired by the Sea

(Courtesy of Monteverde)
(Courtesy of Monteverde)

Monteverde Super Mega Abalone 999 Rollerball


From one of the pen maker’s oldest collections, the Mega pens are renowned for their substantial size, richly hued and high-grade acrylic resins, and exceptional writing experience. This hand-turned and hand-polished edition features a highly iridescent inner nacre layer of authentic abalone shell from New Zealand, displaying elegant swirls of deep cobalt blue and peacock green with varying shades of purple, cream, and pink.


Celebrating American History

(Courtesy of ST Dupont)
(Courtesy of ST Dupont)

S.T. Dupont Declaration of Independence Rollerball


Limited to only 176 pieces, this pen honors the valiant colors of Old Glory as rendered in solid brass, 9 layers of hand-applied vibrant blue natural lacquer, and palladium trim. The 14-karat white gold fountain pen nib is intended to shine like America’s beacon of light to the world. Our founding fathers would have enjoyed signing the Declaration of Independence with this pen.

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