Patriotic Police Officer Caught on Door Cam Rolling Up Fallen US Flag, and the Video Goes Viral

Patriotic Police Officer Caught on Door Cam Rolling Up Fallen US Flag, and the Video Goes Viral
Epoch Inspired Staff

On a recent neighborhood patrol, an Arizona Police officer noticed a wind-damaged American flag on the ground outside of a house and took it upon herself to ensure it was placed in a respectful place.

Unbeknownst to the officer, Shelly Montes of the Peoria Police Department, the gesture was caught on the next-door neighbor's Ring camera as she collected the fallen flag, rolled it up, and neatly placed it on a chair outside the house.

Montes, a former Air Force veteran, told Fox & Friends Weekend it was an act of honor.

"It's something I do quite often on patrol," she told the news outlet. "During the monsoon season, we have a lot of high winds, and it's something that happens often."

Montes added: "Seeing a flag on the floor is painful to me."

She found out about the video after it was posted on Facebook, where it went viral, she said.

The Peoria Police Department then shared the video on Twitter along with a caption that read:
"While patrolling neighborhoods during the overnight hours, @PeoriaPoliceAZ Officer Montes, a #Military #Veteran, noticed an #AmericanFlag damaged from the wind. The resident posted the video to thank Officer Montes for taking care of it!"
Added Montes to Fox & Friends: “It's a sense of pride, and it’s a sense of pride for many officers. And I know I'm not the only officer that does this ... It's a sense of honor for our country, and those of us who have served and continue to serve our community.”
The resident who captured the event, David, told WTSP: "I don't know who she was, but a Peoria PD officer on watch came to my house at 3:23am this morning. I have her on Ring video. My American flag had apparently separated from its mount in the wind last night, she was vigilant and noticed, and she was gracious enough to roll it up and leave it by my garage door. If she's reading this, thank you and much respect."
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